Henderson County Water District

Dear Customer,

As part of Henderson County Water District’s ongoing efforts to provide you with the best quality water at the best possible cost, your old water meter has been changed out with a digital one, commonly referred to as a radio read meter.  Below is a picture of the meter, as well as explanation of the icons that may show up on the meter face.  If you want to read your own meter, you will have to shine a light on the meter (daylight may work, but a flash light works best shined on the light sensor, #3).  If you suspect that you have a leak, you will need to wait for the icons to rotate and the rate will show how much water is being used per minute and/or the leak indicator will show water used in a 24-hour period as explained below.  Even after turning off the water to the meter, this icon will continue to flash for up to 24 hours as part of the 24-hour cycle.

                If you have any questions about the meter, you can contact the Henderson County Water District at the contact information at the top of this sheet.